Friday, August 23, 2019
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4 Important Things To Do If You Want To Retire Early

Even with the nature of our society, retiring
early is possible and achievable (especially if
this has always been your lifelong goal), you
only need to be willing to make some
sacrifices. Jumia Travel, the leading online
travel agency, shares 4 things to do if you
want early retirement.
Avoid Spending Mindlessly
The most important step in controlling your
finances enough to make early retirement
possible, is to track your spending. You have
to know what you’re spending on and if it’s
necessary for you to spend that much on it,
or even spend on it at all. Know how you
spend, determine necessary expenses and
focus your efforts on reducing or eliminating
negligible or unnecessary expenses.
Stop Lifestyle Inflation
Try to avoid living at the maximum standard
your income allows. Find a middle point and
contently build your life around that, while you
save and wisely invest the rest to further
increase your earnings. If your income
increases, try not to over boost your spending
and put a reasonable portion of the extra
money into savings. You can also apply this
strategy to other surplus money like bonuses,
and other small windfalls. This will benefit you
far more than buying the latest gadgets and
travelling to the most exotic locations all the
Go Home-Made
Opt for home-made food, as opposed to
eating out all the time. If you’re skeptical
about just how financially beneficial this
strategy is, give it a shot for a month and see
the results. You can even save some more
money if you know how to negotiate well for
groceries and food stuffs at the market. In
addition to the financial benefits of going
home-made, there’s also the health benefit of
eating fresher and healthier meals.
Stop Trying to Please or One-Up Your Friends
This is one of the biggest money wasters and
the greatest enemy to early financial
independence. Keeping up with the Joneses
and trying to live up to your friend’s standard
can end up not only robbing you of a chance
at early financial independence, but it can
also mess you up financially. Avoid going out
all the time, spending in places you never
intended to spend in, and spending lavishly on
things that you could care less about because
of so-called friends. Stick with friends with
the same financial mindset as yours, who will
contribute positively to your goal of achieving
early financial freedom. You’ll be better off
for it.

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