5 Seo Factors You Should Consider And Monitor In 2019

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5 Seo Factors You Should Consider
And Monitor In 2019

Google has become unpredictable nowadays. In fact,
recently Google make some adjustment with how it
positions or ranks websites. SEO experts now find it
difficult to use the old trick to rank a website. We all
believe that the page with many do follow backlinks
is likely to rank higher in Google search results.
However, it does not constantly rank at the best any
longer. Well, I can’t just be silent with all these, I
have to do some research on how to prepared ahead
of 2019 using this my 5 SEO factors. It is a must for
all my followers to rock 2019 with good SEO ranking.
These are the 5 SEO factors that you must consider
in 2019 for a better SEO ranking.
1. Enhance Your Image SEO
With no doubt, pictures are more than something to
make your page lovely. Pictures in content are
imperative for SEO. The truth is that many bloggers
believe the picture is just to beautify the post.
Meanwhile, it is beyond just to beautify. You should
treat your content pictures equivalent to how you
treat your title and heading components since they
all cooperate to enable the page to rank better. Make
sure you add proper Alt text to your pictures because
pictures can likewise help your positioning to be
forced by appearing in improved postings.
2. Write quality Content
Quality content is also one of the SEO factors that
you must examine in 2019. Perhaps, it is the most
vital piece of Internet advertising that really need
attention in the year 2019. Truthfully, unfocused
content is one of the greatest oversights that I have
seen in all year for websites that have lost good SEO
ranking. For 2019, give enough time to write
reasonable content rather than junk. Imagine a
blogger posting just 50 words with 10 pictures and
he is expecting Google to rank him higher.
3. Get comfortable with Structured Data
The structured or organized data can be intimidating
in some cases and yet it is one of the SEO factors
that should not be left behind. In any case, it is in
reality, and all you can do is to get comfortable with
how it functions. The most effortless approach to get
comfortable with the structured data is to reorder
and begin working with it consistently. I will still
write extensively on how to write structured data in
alignment with your website on page SEO.
4. Consider Podcasts for Your Marketing Strategy
Web recordings are an inexorably well-known
approach to consume you own content. You ought to
consider examining if potential clients are tuning in to
digital broadcasts identified with your own your
niche. Also, on the off chance that they are, it might
bode well to make a methodology to achieve those
audience members.
A technique could go from sponsorships, showing up
on the digital recording, and by advancing explicit
content that might be of intrigue. Webcasts are
content that is extended in an advanced
configuration. Promoting with podcasting can be
viewed as an augmentation of your content
5. Stay away from Structured Data Mistakes
This particular SEO factors can sound not to be
important but websites and blogs have been
accepting punishments for the wrong usage of
organized data. It’s conceivable to commit a fair
error and get a punishment for it. As we are
matching into the new year, learn from your mistakes
and stay away from it to avoid search engine
punishment in 2019.
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